Group of individuals standing together in a line, wearing colourful attire. There is a building in the background covered in green leaves and vines. There is a bicycle decorated in bright colours and the words "Jamii" in white.

2021 Community Heritage Nominees

The 2021 Community Heritage Award nominees represent wide-ranging engagement with Toronto’s communities. From archival collections to artistic performances and film festivals  to periodical newspapers,  the work of these organizations go beyond preserving our shared histories to actively building our shared communities.

The Community Heritage jury assesses nominations based on the following criteria:

Advocacy: How has the organization demonstrated a commitment to heritage issues, such as heritage conservation, awareness, or inclusion?

Programming: How have the organization’s activities, projects, or other programming provided a framework for understanding history and issues surrounding heritage in Toronto?

Engagement: How has the organization increased its engagement with communities across Toronto? How has the organization specifically engaged youth and/or diverse communities?

Impact Over Time: How has the organization increased its impact over the past five years (or since its founding)?