Group of people stand and sit along a path that fronts a waterfront view with a city skyline showing the CN tower behind. A person carrying a white umbrella appears on the right.

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize that Indigenous heritage is essential to Toronto’s heritage.

Today Toronto is host to many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. Toronto is within the territory of the Dish with One Spoon Treaty which requires responsibility of those who use the land to share it peaceably and care for it. Heritage Toronto acknowledges this responsibility and recognizes the efforts of these nations in maintaining the land.

Founded in 1949, we acknowledge that Heritage Toronto has contributed to the colonial historical narrative. We are working to amend that by engaging with Indigenous communities to incorporate more of their stories into our programming. Plaques with colonial language are being revised; Indigenous content is being integrated into our walking tours; and in the future, we hope to expand our Indigenous programming.