Table scattered with war time documents, letters, colourless photographs, and heart charms, two individiuals look through items.

2021 Public History Award Nominees

Presented by Camrost Felcorp, the Public History Award recognizes multi-media and collaborative projects specifically designed to engage, challenge, and educate the public.   2021 nominees represent a wide-ranging engagement with Toronto’s heritage, from podcasts to short films to art projects. The jury assesses nominated projects according to the following criteria:

Advocacy: How does the project pose or answer questions about the importance of heritage? How does the project specifically engage youth or diverse communities, either in its creation or as its intended audience?

Scholarship: Does the project contribute to the field of historical knowledge, draw on a diversity of sources, and provide appropriate acknowledgement of sources?

Education: Does the project engage the public and provide a framework for understanding history or issues around heritage in Toronto?

Production Value: Does the project demonstrate high quality in design and production that effectively contributes to achieving excellence in advocacy, scholarship, and education?