How to Play

What you need to know about participating in the Likkle Heritage Treasure Hunt

The Likkle Heritage Treasure Hunt will be hosted and facilitated on the Goosechase App.

Preregistration is strongly encouraged. Registered participants will receive a join code for the experience and receive a visual guide to using the app.

Participants in the treasure hunt will need a smartphone with iOS or Android system and connection to the internet. 

What is Goosechase? An online platform that allows you to host and participate in interactive experiences like a treasure hunt.

How to Participate

1. Download the Goosechase iOS or Android app

2. Log in. New to Goosechase? Sign up for an account.

3. Search for this Experience by name A Likkle Heritage Treasure Hunt by Heritage Toronto.

4. Create a team. Want to limit your team to just friends, set a passcode!

  • Interested in a team of 1?  No problem, teams can be 1 person or up to 5 people but it’s a lot more fun with a larger team.

5. Lastly, set yourself apart with a name and photo (optional).


What can players expect?

  • The treasure hunt will start promptly at 11:00 am. Missions will become available and players can start to play. Make sure to check in at our start location (1607 Eglinton Avenue West).
  • Some missions are time sensitive and will become available over the course of the treasure hunt. You don’t want to miss out on the taste test mission that comes with a delicious snack in limited quantities. Keep your push notifications throughout the treasure hunt.
  • The treasure hunt features different missions to complete and gain points. The missions ask for photo/video submissions, location check-ins or text-based answers.
  • Some missions involve an interactive station activity in the neighborhood while others missions connect to our online tour.
  • Points per mission range from 250 points to 1000 points, the challenge is to complete as many missions you can, gain the available bonus points and get the highest points to win the grand prize.
  • The missions will wind down from 3:30 pm and winners will be announced at the start location from 3:45 pm (1607 Eglinton Avenue West).

Stay informed.

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