An image of water and land covered in rocks and pebbles.

Book Award Winner 2021

An image of water and land covered in rocks and pebbles.

The cover of “Accidental Wilderness”, 2021 Heritage Toronto Awards Book Nominee. Image: Robert Burley.

Author: Walter H. Kehm

Photographer: Robert Burley

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Winner: 2021 Book Award

Accidental Wilderness is a rich and lyrical collection of essays curated by internationally recognized landscape architect and original designer of Tommy Thompson Park, Walter H. Kehm. A stunning collection of photographs by renowned landscape photographer Robert Burley complements these essays, which explore the city’s port origins; the principles and design of the park’s master plan; the native-plant succession process; the park’s unique flora and fauna; public advocacy efforts; and public recreation in the park and its effect on mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The Book jury felt Accidental Wilderness was both timely and accessible, a book that all ages can enjoy. It offers a powerful message of community, advocacy, and action to build and protect a unique part of Toronto’s environmental heritage. The jury appreciated how the book wove together beautiful photographs and a variety of perspectives on Tommy Thompson Park, offering an engaging and beautiful read. 

About the Author: Walter H. Kehm

Walter H. Kehm is a landscape architect and was a professor and Director of the School of Landscape Architecture at the University of Guelph.

About the Photographer: Robert Burley

Robert Burley is an artist working in photography. His projects often explore the transition between city and country.