Modern grey angular building addition to classic neo-Gothic building

2023 Built Heritage Nominees

Discover the 2023 Built Heritage nominees:

The 2023 Built Heritage Award recognizes building owners who have undertaken projects to conserve or adapt a historic property or architectural feature, and the excellence in conservation practice and craftsmanship performed by the project teams.

The 2023 Built Heritage category comprises three awards:

Adaptive Reuse: which recognizes projects that meet current needs while maintaining the integrity of the original design vision.

The Adaptive Reuse Award is presented by Woodcliffe Landmark Properties.

Heritage Planning & Architecture: which recognizes the successful application of appropriate conservation and planning principles.

The Heritage Planning & Architecture Award is presented by Clifford Restoration.

Crafts and Trades: which recognizes high levels of craftsmanship, specifically the use of appropriate construction techniques and materials that are compatible to the building’s original architectural qualities.

The Crafts and Trades in Built Heritage Award is presented by Aird & Berlis.



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