An archival photo shows people in a large room with high ceilings supported by tall arches and columns. There are wooden bookshelves lining the exterior walls while the interior has long wooden tables with people sitting and reading or examining documents.

2023 Book Award Nominees

The 25 nominees for the 2023 Book Award, highlight the breadth and depth of Toronto’s heritage, covering topics from music history, to public infrastructure, to immigration and multiculturalism.

The 2023 Book Award is presented by LiUNA Local 183.

The book jury assesses nominees based on the following criteria:

Advocacy: Does the book pose or answer questions about the importance of heritage and its role in community building, and/or demonstrate a high level of commitment to heritage conservation and promotion?

Scholarship: Does the book contribute to the field of historical knowledge, draw on a diversity of sources, and provide appropriate acknowledgement of sources?

Education: Does the book engage the general public and provide a framework for understanding history and/or issues around heritage in the Greater Toronto Area?

Production Value: Does the book exhibit high quality in design, editing, illustration, and layout that effectively contributes to achieving excellence in advocacy, scholarship, and education?