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Toronto Reborn Design Successes

Grey background with colour writing written all around.

The cover of Toronto Reborn: Design Successes and Challenges, 2021 Heritage Toronto Awards Book Nominee.

Author: Ken Greenberg

Publisher: Dundurn Press

In Toronto Reborn, Ken Greenberg describes the emerging contours of a new Toronto. Focusing on the period from 1970 to the present, urban designer Greenberg looks at how the work and decisions of citizens, NGOs, businesses, and governments have combined to refashion Toronto. Individually and collectively, their actions — renovating buildings and neighbourhoods, building startling new structures and urban spaces, revitalizing old cultural institutions and creating new ones, sponsoring new festivals and events — have transformed the old postwar city, changing it into an exciting modern one.

About the Author: Ken Greenberg

Ken Greenberg is an urban designer, teacher, and writer, whose passion and advocacy for the city over the past decades has involved him in virtually every aspect of its remarkable transformation. He lives in Toronto.