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Had it Coming Investigation

Yellow background with a man and a woman.

“Had It Coming”, 2021 Heritage Toronto Awards Book Nominee. Design: Kate Sinclair. Image: CSA-Prinstock/Getty Images.

Author: Robyn Doolittle

Publisher: Allen Lane/Penguin Canada

For nearly two years, Globe and Mail reporter Robyn Doolittle investigated how Canadian police handle sexual assault cases. Her findings were shocking: across the country, in big cities and small towns, the system was dismissing a high number of allegations as “unfounded.” A police officer would simply view the claim as baseless and no investigation would follow. Of the 26,500 reported cases of sexual assault in 2015, only 1,400 resulted in convictions. Had It Coming picks up where the Unfounded series left off. Doolittle brings a personal voice to what has been a turning point for most women: the #MeToo movement and its aftermath.

About the Author: Robyn Doolittle

Robyn Doolittle is a Globe and Mail investigative journalist. Her reporting on Mayor Rob Ford for the Toronto Star won the Michener Award for public service journalism, and her number-one bestselling book on the topic, Crazy Town: The Rb Ford Story, earned her the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. Her Unfounded series was honoured with each of Canada’s top journalism honours, including the Michener, and also won multiple awards internationally. She was named Journalist of the Year in 2017 by the Canadian Centre for Journalism at the National Newspaper Awards.