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Thank you to our generous donors.  You make it possible to deliver accessible public programming and to engage with new and expanded communities.  Together, we are building a more informed and connected Toronto.

When you donate to Heritage Toronto, you aren’t just making a financial investment, you’re also making an emotional one.  This is why we consider all of our donors to be members of our heritage advocacy community.  Member is a powerful word.  It tells the world that you are part of something bigger, and that together we are stronger than the sum of our parts.  The more members who stand with Heritage Toronto, the stronger our advocacy efforts and the louder our message that heritage is important and should be accessible to all.

Take action – join our generous community of supporters and be counted as a heritage advocate today.

To show our appreciation for your support, all donors receive:

  • Monthly E-Newsletter and E-New blasts
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  • Copy of annual Tours program brochure
  • Invitations to Heritage Toronto events
  • Tax receipt for the full amount of your donation (for gifts of $20 or more)

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