Image showing a park with bust of a man in a top hat on a pillar, a plaque on a post, and a sign reading Joshua Glover Park. Garden beds are visible with various plants and shrubs.

Our plaques commemorate key people, places, and events from Toronto’s past. Remember our past, enrich our present, and inform future generations with a historical plaque.

Open to public applications

Plaques commemorate the people who lived in our homes and once walked our streets; the communities, events and streetscapes they shaped; and the world they faced and changed.

The program encourages Torontonians to apply for plaques and find funding support within their communities to make them happen. Heritage Toronto provides expertise in historical research and writing, plaque design and fabrication, and installation on buildings and in public spaces.

Did you know? The program started in 1969 and there are now more than 850 plaques across the city.

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