A Soldier Lived Here, Leaside (Toronto) Remembrance Day Sign and Walk Campaign: 2023 Heritage Toronto Public History Award nominee.

  • A Soldier Lived Here: Leaside Remembrance Day Sign and Walk Campaign

    Designed to educate the Leaside community about the great sacrifice made by these young men (virtually all were in their 20s), the project involved extensive independent archival research to identify the addresses (the soldiers’ names were already well known) and write the biographies of the young men being commemorated – not to mention the time and planning required to design and prepare the signs and contact the current homeowners for permission to place the signs of their lawns.

    But the effort was worthwhile – as many of the participants expressed how moved they were by the experience and how valuable it had been to hear the soldiers’ stories and see their homes. They felt that it truly made Leaside’s history come alive.

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  • Additional Project Team Members

    Jennifer Avveduto: Project Creator
    Ann Brown: Chair of the Leaside Heritage Preservation Society
    Ted DeWelles: Project Editor, Writer, Researcher and Tour Narrator
    Randy Diplock, Harding Station Uncorporate Video: Videographer
    Susan Parr: Tour Narrator
    Catherina Maughan: Tour Narrator

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