Exterior of a restaurant. Over the door, the words "Hopper Hut Restaurant" in red letters are appear over a dark green background. Through the restaurant windows, a takeout counter with customers gathered around is visible.

New Places, New Palates: Tamil Cooks in Toronto’s Kitchens

Learn how Tamil kitchen staff, managers, and restaurateurs have transformed Toronto’s food scene since the 1980s.

Sri Lanka is a small island country located off the tip of southern India in the Indian Ocean. Prior to 1983, most arrivals from Sri Lanka were students and immigrants looking to pursue new opportunities in Toronto. In July 1983, also known as Black July, a series of anti-Tamil riots in Sri Lanka plunged the island into a near 26 year war. During those years, Tamils fled their homeland, and Toronto became home to one of the largest Tamil populations outside of South Asia.

Jobs in the restaurant industry often required little English or Canadian work experience, making them ideal for these early refugees. 

This digital tour was developed by emerging historian Vanessa Vigneswaramoorthy as part of our Equity Heritage Initiative.  Vanessa’s work was made possible through the generous support Andrew and Sharon Himel and family, and TD Bank and The Ready Commitment.

Published: December 1, 2022

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