Colour aerial photograph of a cityscape with many tall residential buildings and complexes. Trees are visible in the background.

St. James Town: World Within a Block

With a population of more than 18,000 people, St. James Town is a neighbourhood in transition

This tour explores how the past meets the present and future in Canada’s most densely populated neighbourhood. During the 1880s, Victorian houses could be found scattered throughout St. James Town, including opulent homes of Toronto’s wealthy and powerful. In the 1960s, the neighbourhood was the site of the first high-rise apartment complex in Toronto: the area soon became a beacon for the young embracing a single lifestyle. Today, it’s the most densely populated high-rise community in Canada and one of Toronto’s most diverse and multicultural communities.

Content for the St. James Town walking tour was developed by emerging historian Ori Abara (2020). This digital tour was developed by Emerging Historian Alexandra Marchel, with the support of Andrew and Sharon Himel and Family, the Ontario Association of Architects, and TD Bank and The Ready Commitment.




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