Black and white image of the interior of a restaurant, which features a counter and several tables. Three women in waitress uniforms are present: one at the far left, one in the middle, and one at the far right of the frame.

Good Eats: A History of Food & Dining

Discover the delicious history of Toronto’s restaurants, markets, and eateries.

This map will take you on a two-hundred-year tour of the city’s food history, from Toronto’s earliest public markets to Victorian bakeries to jazz-filled cocktail bars. Explore the stops below from the comfort of your home or take it with you on a walk through downtown Toronto.

Currently, many of Toronto’s restaurants and eateries are facing unprecedented uncertainty in light of the global pandemic. Please support your local restaurants and food markets however you are able to do so safely.

The shift of our 2020 tour season to a digital platform was made possible by the generous support of our Tours Program Presenting Sponsor, TD Bank and The Ready Commitment.

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If you’re exploring on a mobile device, please abide by all traffic and safety rules. Only look at your device when you are standing stationary in a safe location!