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View of Lot Street (now Queen Street), including St. Patrick's Market in 1845. Watercolour by Frederick Victor Poole. 1912. Courtesy of Toronto Public Library.

Exterior of St. Patrick’s Market, Queen Street West, 1885. Toronto Public Library.

A. Stork & Sons Ltd., Queen Street West, 1988, City of Toronto Archives, Series 1465, File 24, Item 11

  • St. Patrick’s Market

    Building a permanent market

    The first permanent building on this site dates to the mid-1840s and likely was based on the layout of the St. Lawrence Market: two stories with vendors for fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meats on the ground floor with space for meeting rooms and storage on the second floor. Throughout the nineteenth century, the market building was used for several purposes, including as a school building and a site for municipal elections. By the mid-1860s, the state of the market building had deteriorated: locals grumbled in The Globe newspaper that “…it would not be considered…sufficiently clean even for the sale of live pigs.”

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  • St. Patrick Market

    An uncertain future

    In 1911, the St. Patrick’s Market was rebuilt featuring a new one-storey building. But local demand for the public market diminished with the rise of new grocery stores and supermarkets. By the 1920s, a chicken abattoir, A. Stork and Sons Ltd., had taken over the market space. The business remained in the location for over fifty years until their lease on the property expired in 1986. A new venture, known as the Queen-St. Patrick Market Inc., leased the property for fifty years in 1989. The company spearheaded a new food market in the St. Patrick’s Market building in the 1990s, which featured multiple food shops offering everything from ice cream to ramen. But, by late 2017, the market building was again empty. The City of Toronto terminated the fifty-year lease with Market Inc. in 2019. For now, the future of the St. Patrick’s Market remains unclear.

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