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Emerging Historian, Faith Evans at Randy's Patties, Eglinton Ave. West, June 28, 2022.

Jamaican patty from Randy's Take-Out, Toronto, September 22, 2020.

Randy's Take-Out, Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, September 22, 2020.

  • Randy's Take-Out

    Little Jamaica's patty

    Opened in 1979, Randy’s Take-Out was a popular Toronto hotspot for delicious Jamaican food, and people have been known to travel long distances to get a hold of their patties. Founded by three families, Randy’s Take-Out stays close to its home roots by making authentic Jamaican cuisine, using only the best ingredients. Family owned and operated, Randy’s Take-Out was a major part of the Little Jamaica community for over 40 years.

    When they opened in the late 70s, a few Jamaican bakeries also served patties but Randy’s Take-Out was unique for its patty flavor based on an authentic recipe sourced from Jamaica. The smell of the warm beef patty often wafted along Little Jamaica’s streets inviting people to grab a patty or two and the lines would often wrap around the corner. On Saturday February 26, 2022, Randy’s served its last patties out of their storefront on Eglinton to loyal patrons from far and wide who wanted one last patty.

    Listen to D’Andra Montaque, Shane Kenney and Adrian Hayles share their feelings on Randy’s closing and its community impact.

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  • Randy's Take-Out

    The Toronto Patty Wars

    In 1985, the Canadian government tried to stop Jamaican restaurants from using the name “beef patties”. Jamaican patties did not match the technical definition of “beef patty” under the Meat Inspection Act, which referred to the meat product used for hamburgers.

    Businesses faced thousands of dollars in fines. Michael Davidson owner of Patty Palace in Kensington Market, Patty King, and others banded together. The situation caught the attention of Jamaican and Canadian press and politicians. Lawsuits were threatened, and a Patty Summit was convened. The government eventually agreed that “beef patty” could continue to be used, as long as it was not the sole description for the product.

    Today, February 23 is Toronto’s Patty Day. To celebrate the 35th anniversary in 2020, the Jamaica Tourist Board gave away 500 free “Jamaican beef patties”.


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