Healthcare Legacies

A woman in a nursing uniform holds up a syringe filled with fluid. She looks at the syringe. She stands in a medical room, filled with equipment.

From the discovery of insulin to the first Black licensed practitioners of medicine, Toronto’s scientists, caregivers and activists have contributed to ground-breaking change in healthcare over two hundred years.

A hub of people and culture, Toronto has been home to advances in medicine and wellness for centuries.

Since the early 19th century, Toronto has boasted a robust legacy of medical innovation and community healthcare efforts that reflects the character and resilience of the city. Toronto’s healthcare community has impacted medical practices and activism in both Canada and throughout the world. The city remains a hub for medical education, research and innovation for scholars and care-givers. 

This tour was researched and developed by Emerging Historian Serena Ypelaar (2022). This digital tour was made possible by the generous support of our Tours Program Presenting Sponsor, TD Bank and The Ready Commitment.

Published: January 5, 2023

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